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A microfilm copy of Peirce’s surviving manuscripts is available on a digital support (although not online) at the Philosophy Library of Milan State University.

Houghton library at Harvard started a project of high-quality digitalization of Peirce’s manuscripts, starting from the 50,000 pages of still unpublished manuscripts. These resources are available open access from the Houghton Library website.

The Humboldt Universität in Berlin also made 50,000 manuscript pages from Peirce’s unpublished manuscripts available on thier website.

Other Resources

BERGMAN, M., PAAVOLA, S. and QUEIROZ, J. (eds.). Commens: A Digital Companion to Charles S. Peirce.

Peircean Bibliography (2019): Universidad de Navarra.

Institute for Pragmaticism: Texas Tech University web page.

KLOESEL, C. Annotations on the 1967 Robin Annotated Catalogue of the Papers of Charles S. Peirce. The Robin Catalogue annotated by Christian Kloesel (manuscript annotations, searchable catalogue) is avaliable on the Harvard Library website.

PEP: Peirce Edition Project website.

ROBIN, R. 1967. Annotated Catalogue of the Papers of Charles S. Peirce. Amherst: University of Massachusetts Press.

The Peirce Group eds. (Nathan HOUSER, Catherine LEGG,
& Peter SKAGESTAD): Arisbe, the Peirce gateway.